Writing Awards Recommendations

By Arnora Grimsdottir, 2018

Everyone appreciates being recognized for the things they do, whether it be service, arts, fighting or anything else that makes our game so much fun. Being called up in court and receiving an award is often the highlight of an individual's SCA career.

But how do the Crowns and Coronets decide who gets these awards?

Simple: You tell them about deserving people you may know.

Anyone can make an awards recommendation! You do not need to have any awards yourself, you do not need to be a member, or an officer, or anything. You just need to want to see your friend recognized for their awesomeness.

The Barony has several awards, which can be found here:
Baronial Orders

There is an awards form which can be found here:
Baronial Awards Recommendations

There are many articles that detail how to write awards recommendations, these are a couple of good ones:
Writing an Award Recommendation or So You Want to Write an Award Recommendation Letter....

Not sure what they may already have? Check here:
An Tir Order of Precedence

Do you feel a Kingdom level award is more appropriate? Use this form:
An Tir Awards Recommendations

Want to know what Kingdom awards there are to choose from? The Heralds are there to help:
An Tir College of Heralds: Kingdom Awards

So recommend your friend, recommend that person you saw picking up trash or sitting at gate, recommend that person who has shown up at every event since rocks were soft and been friendly, helpful and an asset to the group. Are they a stellar artist? Recommend them!

The only wrong recommendation is the one that never gets made.

Awards letters should be concise and to the point. Try to keep it to one page and avoid run-on sentences. Try to hit the persons highlights. Rather than say "They do lots of service" you need to point out specific instances: "They were event stewarded May Crown" or "They organised gate for Celtic Revolt five years in a row" The B&B/Crown need specific instances of service/arts to make their decision on granting an award.
If you have friends who also think this person is deserving, get them to write recommendations, too. Many voices get heard.

If they have a An Tir Wiki page include a link to it.

Baronial Service award example: Change text/names to suit the recipient

Greetings unto Your Excellencies,
I am _________ (if you have titles or an office you can include that). _________________________________ has been active with the Barony of Wealdsmere for __ years now. They have volunteered to work at gate, water bearing, in the kitchen at feasts and _______.
________ has taught numerous classes including ______________. They are unfailingly cheerful, helpful and willing. _______ attends Baronial Council meetings and contributes to discussions.
I feel they are an asset not only to , but to the Kingdom and is deserving of recognition for their service and enthusiasm, and I wholeheartedly commend them for Your consideration of a ___________ for their efforts in service.
(if you have tiltes or an office you can include that)

Name An Tir Wiki page is at: (look up their wiki and cut&paste the URL!)

Kingdom award example: Change text/names to suit the recipient

Unto Your Majesties/Excellencies _________,

I am ________ (if you have tiltes or an office you can include that)

I am writing to respectfully ask that You consider inducting _________ into Your order of the ________ (or for whatever award you are recommending) XXXXX is an extremely talented ______. They have run the kitchen and planned the menu for several feasts held in your Shire of _______, most recently the __________ event. ________ researches all of her/his recipes and does her/his own redactions. The results are both accurate and delicious. She/He has also entered her/his dishes in competitions, and has won the cooking category of the _________.
I feel _______ is an asset not only to branch, but to the Kingdom and is deserving of recognition for her/his service and enthusiasm,and I wholeheartedly commend her/him for Your consideration of a __________ for her/his efforts in service.
__________ resides in the Canton/Shire/Barony of ______and is likely to attend any event held there. They also will be at (name events you know they will be attending)
Name An Tir Wiki page is at: (look up their wiki and cut&paste the URL!)

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